WordPress hosting has a number of limitations, especially when it comes to WordPress.com. It can often lead to many people deciding against the free service and instead opting to pay for their own hosting and using WordPress.org instead.

One thing that people love using is themes but when it comes to the free WordPress service, you can only use themes that have already been selected by the team as WordPress.com. These themes cannot be edited and you cannot upload your own. However, if you opt for the paid service, you do have your own option to edit the current themes or upload your own CSS files.

WordPress.com also does not allow the upload of any plug-ins, which can seriously cause a problem when it comes to making your blog look different from all the rest. You are also not allowed to use any coding, such as PHP, within your blog. Your blog cannot look very different from all the rest that are out there while on the free service, no matter how much you want it.